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Hey there daddy-o, thanks for stopping by! My name is Jon Ruhff and I've been in this wonderful voice-over business for 15 years now. I’ve lent my youthful and friendly voice to clients such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Hilton, CenturyLink, Subway, Disney, The Travel Channel, and Sprint PCS. I reckon you’ve heard my voice, but if you could take my demos for a spin and drop me a line, that'd be boss... and I think your audience will dig it too.

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Promo Shot


Commercial Demo

Various Clients


Character Demo

Various Clients


Promo Demo

Various Clients


Brookfield Zoo

Television Spot


Cliff Bars

Television Spot


Farm Rich

Television Spot


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Authentic, Real Announcer Reads

Selling the benefit while keeping it as real as possible

Narration & Audio Books

Staying true to the original intent (or voice) of the author and also keeping the audience engaged

Fun & Witty Character Voices

Bringing characters to life is a specialty of mine

Corporate Video Voice-Over

Maintaining a friendly, yet authoritative sound helping businesses and corporations get their message across

Previous Clients

You may have heard my voice in spots and narration for the following companies.

















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  • "Jon is an irreplaceable part of my company’s success. I have been using the professional services of Jon for several years now and have been able to achieve great success with a local top brand thanks to his character voices! He is a great help to me not only because of his great sense of humor, but also rapid turnaround time. It’s great to just brief him with the facts and get amusing voice over content in return which not only makes my job easier but keeps my client happy!"

    - John Cameron : DJCMIX.com
  • "We have had the pleasure of working with Jon for the last few years on various projects. We have been impressed with his timeliness in returning work we send to him, his willingness to work, and his professional manner in our dealings together. We will definitely continue to use Jon for projects in the future."

    - Jeff Cassidy : Affordable Audio Production
  • "Jon Ruhff delivers!! From local to national Radio, Television & multi-media. You name it Jon does it all ! All natural, great to work with, definitely an uncommonly talented voice actor."

    - Zak Miller : 50to1 Studios
  • "His voice is not unlike the songs of angels. I could talk for hours about his unending talent"

    - Jon's Mom
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